ELASTO55BB Bromobutyl Rubber

ELASTO55BB is made from bromobutyl polymer. It combines the properties of good heat resistance, and very good resistance to corrosive acids and alkalis, while still retaining a moderate abrasion resistance. It has excellent resistance to ozone and outdoor weathering effects, and suitable for use with a range of chemicals including oxygenated solvents and hydraulic fluid. Suitable for most applications where high acid, chemical or temperature resistance is required. A rubber polymer blend with up to 70% bromobutyl and abrasion resistant rubber makes it suitable for many applications. Also shows low permeability to compressed gases. Supplied with a special backing which does not require buffing prior to bonding.

ELASTO55BB Available in Rolls

ELASTO55BB is available in gauges 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm. Other gauges are available on request. Roll sizes are 1400mm wide x 10 metre length.

ELASTO55BB Bonding

ELASTO55BB bonds readily to itself, steelwork or other materials with Contact cold vulcanizing adhesive.

Properties Standard
Colour Black
Tensile 7.0 MPa ASTMD-412
Elongation 500% min ASTMD-412
Hardness 55 A +/- 5 ASTMD-2240
Elastomer BIIR
Tear 35 ASTMD-624 Die B
Density (S.G.) 1.27 +/- 0.03
Abrasion Resistances 300@10N DIN 53516